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How are we different?

At Natural Healing Pet Care each pet receives a thorough physical examination through a conventional Western medical approach. Then interpreting findings from that exam, investigating medical history, personality and other parameters, each animal is also evaluated with a Traditional Chinese Medicine exam. The Chinese Medicine exam focuses on the appearance of the tongue and the quality of the pulse, palpating for sensitive acupuncture points, along with current and past medical history. To ensure a tranquil and positive setting Natural Healing Pet Care is not equipped for surgical procedures, anesthesia or radiographs. Because of these limitations ALL PATIENTS are very strongly encouraged to have an existing doctor/patient relationship with a conventional veterinarian for those instances where radiographs, surgical procedures, anesthesia or other conventional treatments are needed.  


New/Establishing Patients

Nutrition is a prime focus for your pet’s overall health and well-being. Using all information gathered during the visit and in conjunction with the owner, suggestions are made on which diet would be best for each individual pet. Diets can range from raw to high quality kibble.

Vaccine Discussion

A plan will be created for a vaccination protocol for each individual pet based on the findings from the exam, risk factors associated with your pet, and discussion with the Doctor. Vaccinations are performed on a limited basis and as determined necessary for each pet. Vaccination titers can be performed to help better assess which vaccines are needed.

Vaccine Titer

Titers are blood tests that check your pet’s immune status to vaccinations that they may have received in the past. If the titer results are positive, it means that there is adequate immunity to a particular infectious disease. Therefore, a booster vaccine may not be needed at that time.

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