Ozone Treatment

"Ozone therapy is a treatment that brings balance back to the cells of an aging or diseased patient so that they can utilize oxygen more efficiently, but it does so through an indirect mechanism. When this reactive gas known as ozone is used medically, it can stimulate the redox pathways which hero to produce ATP (cell fuel), stimulate growth factors, optimize mitochondrial function and improve cellular health." -03 Vets

Ozone treatments can be used for systemic or localized health issues. 

  • Systemic: This method is typically used to treat conditions that would be considered systemic (lymphoma, chronic fatigue, systemic infections, etc.).
  • Localized: This method is administered to a specific area of the body like a joint, the mouth, ears, etc (ear infections, tumors, eye infections, skin conditions, wounds, etc.).

Forms of Ozone Treatments Offered at Natural Healing Pet Care

  1. Major Autohemotherapy (MAHT): Some common conditions for which MAHT is used: Arterial circulatory conditions, viral/bacterial conditions, immune deficiency and as a complementary treatment for cancer. 
  2. minor Autohemotherapy (mAHT): Commonly used to treat dermatitis and allergies. It aides in stimulating the immune system to fight other conditions and as adjunctive to treat cancer. 
  3. Rectal Insufflation: Indications: Ulcerous colitis, proctitis and anal fistulae or fissures. Additionally, this form of treatment can be used in the treatment of systemic conditions. 
  4. 03 UV: Ultraimmunotherapy is indicated to treat a variety of host/bacterial and autoimmune conditions and is also an adjunctive method for treating cancer. 
  5. Prolo + Ozone: It is primarily used to treat joint pain, herniated discs, arthritis and other degenerative conditions. 
  6. (Limb) bagging: Method of choice for treating deep topical infections, skin lesions, burns, superinfected wounds, open and deep chronic ulcers and decubitus ulcers. 

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