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At-home Euthanasia

The decision to have a loved one euthanized is one of the hardest decisions to confront. Once made the next concern is that it is performed as peacefully as possible with as little stress as possible. Many times this means keeping them at home and avoiding the stress of a car ride to the vet clinic. At home, pets are at peace in their own surroundings. They are allowed to be outdoors or in their favorite bed inside.

Euthanasia involves giving an overdose of an anesthetic. It causes animals to first lose consciousness then the rest of the body functions stop. It is a painless injection and humane since they become unconscious first thereby preventing any fear or panic. The entire process takes literally seconds.

Afterwards, family members can take as much time as desired to be with them. Some people choose to have their loved ones cremated with the ashes returned to them either to keep in an urn or sprinkle outdoors at their favorite places. Some people choose not to have the ashes returned in which case the ashes are buried in a pet cemetery nearby. Others choose to bury the body either in a pet cemetery from which they have purchased a plot of land or on their own property.

A paw print is made as a tangible memory to add to all the wonderful memories which our loved ones leave behind. They will always be loved and their memories treasured!

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